“Watching you” is an interactive installation seeking to generate a change in the way how you perceive yourself in space.

Taking the concept of reflection and how humans can never watch himself without a mirror reflection, we create an environment in this installation where everyone sees himself but never as they expect to see themselves in a mirror, playing with fragmented reflections of the visitor’s bodies, so they would see themselves as others watch them.

The idea is to generate a complete disoriented experience due to the constant change of the point of view. It will never match what he or she would typically expect to see with what they are seeing.

The visitor will enter into an immersive space where they will be surrounded by images from his/her own body. This images are going to be generated by different cameras that would be filming live into the space. So they would be real images of that specific moment. The trick is that we are going to put into evident to the participant how they are being filmed by this cameras, but at the same time they will never be able to see the part of the body that each camera seems to be filming. The cameras are going to be connected to specific projections in the walls that are not going to be that evident, so the visitant need to discover the sense and understand how the installation works, in order to explore and play with these new perspectives.

The hot spot of the installation is the box at the center of the room, where the player can see himself from upside down when he looks into the box, but at the same time, the image of his face is projected in the ceiling, creating for the rest participants the sensation of being inside the box while some else is surveilling.
Besides the images, the installation plays with the sound as well, enhancing the disorientation effect.

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